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Where Do You Put The Temperature Probe in a Chicken?

Where Do You Put The Temperature Probe in a Chicken

In order to ensure your chicken is perfectly cooked temperature probes are the ideal way to achieve this. Understanding where to put the temperature probe in a chicken no matter what it’s size, is even more important than other meats considering the harmful bacteria present (salmonella, listeria and campylobacter) in all chicken.

To avoid tummy upsets your chicken needs to reach an internal temperature of 165 °F to ensure 99.99% of all harmful bacteria is eradicated. In order to achieve this temperature for a typical 4-8-pound chicken your oven temperature will need to be set at 350 °F and roast for 20 – 30 minutes per lb.

For checking the temperature of a chicken you will want to check it in two locations.

Where to Put the Temperature Probe?

For checking the temperature of a chicken you will want to check it in two locations. Firstly, the innermost section of the thigh and secondly, the thickest part of the breast. Ensure that your temperature probe reaches 165 °F within each of these locations on the chicken and your bird is good to go!

How to Broil Hamburgers with Added Secret Sauce!

How to Broil Hamburgers - Hamburger with Cheese and Onion on a Plate

Broiling involves a very high heat which quickly cooks meat but in many cases, can be easily burned – we don’t want that! So, in this recipe, we show you how to broil hamburgers which result in perfect results every time!

Most ovens have some form of broiler whether the heating element is at the top of the oven or below it they all do the same job and that is high heat – in most cases you simply have an on/off switch rather than any temperature control which is why broiling meats that are thick (1″ plus) such as hamburgers needs some care and attention to ensure the meat is properly cooked through.

How to Broil Hamburgers (+ secret sauce spoiler!)

First, shape your hamburger patty to the desired thickness, around 1″ is ideal for broiling. Many people tend to imprint a small depression in the centre of the burger which is to stop the middle from rising up as it cooks helping to keep the thickness uniform – I don’t see the need to do this if you cook it correctly but do so if you wish.

Place the hamburger patties onto a foiled lined broiler pan and allow about 3-4″ gap from the heat source and leave to cook for 3 minutes (3 minutes each side will result in a ‘cooked’ burger, if you like it medium then reduce by 1 minute each side) by which time the tops will be nicely browned. Turn over the burger and repeat for the remaining 3 minutes or so.

Secret Sauce

This culinary trick will transform your hamburger into something quite special
This culinary trick will transform your hamburger into something quite special and it involves virtually no work on your part. Once the 6-7 minutes of cooking time is over remove the hamburgers to a warmed plate or dish and losely cover with foil. Place the plate in a warm location for 4-5 minutes to ‘rest’. Do not be tempted to eat the burgers before this time has elapsed, they will not ‘go cold’ and will remain at eating temperature for a lot longer than the 5 minutes I am asking you to wait!

But ‘why’ I hear you cry?! well, simply put, this quiet resting time for your hamburger will give the meat the time needed to re-absorb all the cooking juices back into the burger – Have you ever noticed that when you bite into a freshly cooked hamburger it produces lots of meat juices streaming down your fingers and arm??? that is simply because the meat has not had time to re-absorb those juices and all the wonderful flavour is lost – trust me on this its the best 5 minutes waiting time you have ever spent!

The Best Recipe for Mac and Cheese Period!

Best Recipe for Mac and Cheese - Bowl of Creamy Macaroni and Melted Cheese

Macaroni and cheese. A family staple ready meal quickly prepared and very easy to eat but just what is the best recipe for mac and cheese for you and your family? The answer is a simple one and that is home prepared! Stay well away from packet mixes of mac and cheese since it simply is a waste of money and the taste is never the same as that you can make by following the below best ever mac and cheese recipe.

Most people will make use of dried macaroni pasta for this dish but if you want to take it to the next level look out for fresh macaroni in the supermarket – sure, it costs a little more but the results far surpass that of dried pasta – it will keep for several days in the refridgerator so can easily be on hand during the week.

I could talk more about the science of making the greatest macaroni and cheese but frankly you just want the recipe don’t you, so lets get this mac and cheese party started!

Mac and Cheese Ingredients

– 453g macaroni pasta (fresh is best)
– 5 tbs slightly salted butter
– 5 tbs plain good quality flour
– 591ml fresh milk (whole or semi skimmed) IMPORTANT – warm the milk
– 230g grated mature cheddar cheese
– 0.5 tsp salt
-25g bread crumbs (make your own and store it – simply blend some stale bread in a liquidizer, lay out on a baking sheet and warm on a low heat in the oven for 15 mins, leave to cool and crunch with your hands and store in an airtight container!)

Power up your oven and set it to 200c (400f) whilst we prepare the macaroni.

Method – Cook the Pasta

Bring to the boil sufficient water in a large pan and add a little salt , drop of olive oil and then carefully pour in your fresh macaroni. Bring to the boil again and reduce to a simmer – cooking time for the fresh pasta is around 5 minutes.

Make the Macaroni Cheese Sauce

Whilst the pasta is cooking with a medium sized saucepan melt the butter over a medium heat setting until bubbling. Add the flour and with a wooden spoon constantly stir the flour into the butter and continue to stir for about a minute (we need to ‘cook out’ the bitterness of the flour).

Then slowly add the milk and ditch the wooden spoon for a sturdy whisk and beat in about a third of the milk slowly pouring this into the pan whisking all the time – the sauce will thicken immediately but keep pouring the milk slowly until it is all used. You should now have a nice creamy white sauce the consistency of which should fall off the back of a spoon (this will take about 5 minutes, about the same time as your pasta).

Next add your grated cheese, stir and add some freshly grated pepper and salt to taste.

Drain the pasta and pour the macaroni into a baking dish, covering with the cheese sauce. Sprinkle with breadcrumbs and a small amount of parmasan cheese and bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes until the top is golden and crisp.

It’s as simple as that, smooth creamy macaroni pasta and cheese – serve it with crusty bread and a glass of your favourite vino! enjoy :)


The Best Recipe for Lambs Chops Ever!

Best Recipe for Lamb Chops - Lamp Chops with Jus Vedgetables

Succulent Lamb chops, cooked to perfection, slightly pink in the middle yet crispy on the outside but just what is the best recipe for lamb chops to give you these results every time? Well, as with all things culinary the complicated versions don’t always return the best results and this is especially so when it comes to cooking meat.

We will only compliment the already delicious texture and aroma with a simple few everyday ingredients
In this guide to cooking lamb chops we will keep it simple to leverage the beautiful flavours that already exist in the meat. We will only compliment the already delicious texture and aroma with a simple few everyday ingredients that will result in the best ever lamb chops you have ever tasted and better still, repeatable delicious results everytime!

OK, lets get to this shall we.

First, when choosing your lamb chops be on the look out for the ‘cutlet’ style. These are from the lamb crown and have a long curved bone. The alterntaive are the lamb chops from the loin area which contain less fat and more lean muscle however for the purposes of cooking quickly, retaining the juices within the meat cutlets are the better option (since they have a higher fat content they will internally baste the meat as it cooks resulting in a much more succulent result!).


  • Half fresh lemon
  • Sea salt
  • Fresh ginger
  • Extra virgin olive oil

How to prepare your Lamb Chops

Remove the cutlets from the packaging and place on a prepared work surface (clean wooden board). Spinkle over some fresh sea salt flakes turning each cutlet over and doing the same seasoning well.

Next, dribble over some good quality extra virgin olive oil and rub this into the lamb cutlets ensuring they are covered. Take half a fresh lemon and librely squeeze a few drops of lemon juice across all the cutlets (this will further tendorize the meat and draw out even more flavour). Finally, grate a small amount of fresh ginger over the chops and leave them to rest and reach room temperature for 10 minutes.

Cooking Lamb Chops Perfectly

One of the best methods for cooking lamb chops is on a griddle. Most kitchens have these and the heavy cast iron versions are the best. If you don’t have a griddle then a heavy frying pan is fine.

Heat up the griddle and coat with a small amount of oliver oil until it is smoking hot and gently lay the cutlets away from you to ensure any spitting fat is hitting the cutlet and not your fingers/hands. Depending on the thickness of the lamb cutlet (an inch thickness is typical) you will want to leave them on the griddle for no more than 3 minutes each side. Don’t be tempted to move them around on the griddle before the 3 minutes is up, its not nessasary and if left, you will have a lovely lined pattern on them.

IMPORTANT: After 3 minutes each side, remove them to a warmed plate and loosely cover with foil and leave to rest for up to 5 minutes in a warm place whilst you plate up some fresh brocolli, green beans and new potatoes with a hint of chives – enjoy!

How Long to Grill Bone in Pork Chops

how long to grill bone in pork chops - picture of a wooden pig

Grilling pork chops is a perfect way to cook these great pork cuts however before we look at exactly how long to grill bone in pork chops we need to first look at the thickness and characteristics of your meat. Pork chops come either with the bone removed (boneless) or the traditional cut, bone in pork chops. Cooking either of these will vary given the presence of bone and importantly the thickness of the steak will mean your cooking time varies.

One of the most common mistakes in cooking pork chops is cooking them to long. They become dry and hard and lack any succulence given all the moisture from the meat has been removed through over cooking. Therefore, the first tip to mention is that the thickness of your chops is the key to ensuring at what temperature you cook your meat.

Thin pork chops (around half an inch thick) will require a higher heat setting whereas a thicker pork chop (an inch or more) will require a medium grill setting
. Given a thicker pork chop will need longer to cook through it is this reason why anything over an inch thick will require longer more sustained cooking over a medium grill. Thick chops can be cooked quickly over a heat heat. Below are the grill times for pork chops with the bone in relating to the two most common thicknesses.

Grilling Thin Pork Chops with the ‘Bone in’

1. Set your grill to the highest grill setting and wait for it to reach optimum temperature.

2. Carefully place the chops on the grill rack/pan and give them 2 minutes under the grill

3. After 2 minutes, rotate the chops 90 degrees (do not turn, just rotate this gives great ‘grill lines’) and leave for a further 1 minute.

4. Carefully turn over your pork chops and give a further 1 minute before again turning 90 degrees for 1 further minute.

Cooking time for a thin (half an inch) pork chop is around 5 minutes

Grilling Thick Pork Chops Bone in

1. Set the grill to the highest setting and allow to heat up.

2. Carefully place the pork chops onto the grill rack and give them 1 minute at this high heat.

3. After the first minute turn over the chops and give another 1 minute.

4. Rotate the chops (90 degrees as before) and turn down the grill to a medium setting and cook for 3 minutes.

5. Turn over the chops whilst also rotating them and cook for a further 4 minutes.

Cooking time for a thicker (over an inch) pork chop will be around 9 minutes in total.

The final, and in my mind the most significant part of successfully grilling great pork chops, is to allow the chops to ‘rest’ after cooking. The meat has been through quite an ordeal and needs time to recover and reabsorb it’s juices. Simply take from the grill and place onto a plate and loosely cover with tin foil. Leave for 4-5 minutes by which time the juices will have redistributed themselves back into the meat leaving you with soft, succulent and great tasting pork chops!