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Ribeye Steaks The Perfect Griddle Pan Cooking Method

Cooking Ribeye Steaks in the Griddle Pan

Ribeye steaks in my opinion are one of the best beef steaks available and have a distinctive taste and flavour like no other. Your local meat department is is a good place to purchase and not in a pre-packaged form. Speak with your butcher whether that is in the supermarket or local store and explain that you are looking for a well hung (this means the meat has had time to mature and tenderize) piece of ribeye. Don’t be tempted to use lower quality cuts such as flank steak there really is no substitute for the creamy intense flavour and don’t be afraid to approach your local expert in the meat department – they are there to help advise you including cooking techniques! Use a heavy, good quality griddle pan for best results.

Best Way To Cook Ribeye Steaks Method

Without doubt the best method to cooking ribeye steaks is to fry them in a hot griddle pan or skillet with a knob of butter and a small amount of canola oil or olive oil. Adding the canola or olive oil to the butter ensures that butter does not burn given the high temperature required to fry the steaks. Here is how I cook my ribeye steaks which never fails to give anything but perfect results ensuring the met juices are retained within the steak.

The cooking times here will give you medium done ribeye steaks (around half an inch thick), if you like your steaks cooked more simply extend the cooking times slightly to cater for your own taste.

1. Heat up a heavy based frying, skillet or griddle pan under a medium to high setting.

2. Add a knob of butter and around a teaspoon of olive or canola oil and allow to heat up fully (tilt the pan to coat and allow the bubbles from the butter to disappear).

3. Place the steaks into the pan with the fat side laying inwards (the higher heat in the middle crisps up the fat)

Cooking Times

4. Cook the steaks for 3 minutes on the first side and then gently turn and cook for a further 3 minutes.

5. Most important step – remove from the griddle pan and place on a warm plate and cover with foil leaving for 5 minutes (this allows the meat juices to redistribute into the steak giving it a mouth watering succulence). You will notice that I do not add any seasoning to the steak before cooking. Feel free to add some freshly ground pepper but leave out the salt. This just serves to help the meat juices escape from the meat, simply add some salt at the table if you wish.

If you like to have a simple jus to pour over your steak follow the instructions below (very tasty indeed!)

Ribeye Steak Jus Recipe

1. Turn up the pan/skillet to high (leave the canola oil and meat juices in the griddle pan)

2. Spoon in 2 tablespoons of beef stock (chicken also works well)

3. Spoon in 6 tablespoons of good quality balsamic vinegar

4. Stir in a knob (teaspoon) of unsalted butter.

5. Mix the mixture and bring to the boil tilting and mixing (be careful though given it is very hot) until the sauce starts to thicken. The sauce will combine and thicken once boiling in around 1 minute – as soon as it starts to thicken bring to the desired consistency and pour over your rested steaks and enjoy!

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  • I was looking for the “best way to cook ribeye steak” and I definitely found it here! It was juicy and so tasty with the balsamic jus. Top restaurant quality. My husband said “If I was served this in a restaurant, I’d ask to see the chef!” (To compliment him of course.)
    Thank you so much

  • Hi Trish – I am glad you liked the dish. This little trick with balsamic vinegar is a popular one in my household. Don’t just limit yourself to rib eye steaks. it is also great with oven roasted pork chops and other meats. You are only limited by your imagination!

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