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How Long to Grill Bone in Pork Chops

how long to grill bone in pork chops - picture of a wooden pig

Grilling pork chops is a perfect way to cook these great pork cuts however before we look at exactly how long to grill bone in pork chops we need to first look at the thickness and characteristics of your meat. Pork chops come either with the bone removed (boneless) or the traditional cut, bone in pork chops. Cooking either of these will vary given the presence of bone and importantly the thickness of the steak will mean your cooking time varies.

One of the most common mistakes in cooking pork chops is cooking them to long. They become dry and hard and lack any succulence given all the moisture from the meat has been removed through over cooking. Therefore, the first tip to mention is that the thickness of your chops is the key to ensuring at what temperature you cook your meat.

Thin pork chops (around half an inch thick) will require a higher heat setting whereas a thicker pork chop (an inch or more) will require a medium grill setting
. Given a thicker pork chop will need longer to cook through it is this reason why anything over an inch thick will require longer more sustained cooking over a medium grill. Thick chops can be cooked quickly over a heat heat. Below are the grill times for pork chops with the bone in relating to the two most common thicknesses.

Grilling Thin Pork Chops with the ‘Bone in’

1. Set your grill to the highest grill setting and wait for it to reach optimum temperature.

2. Carefully place the chops on the grill rack/pan and give them 2 minutes under the grill

3. After 2 minutes, rotate the chops 90 degrees (do not turn, just rotate this gives great ‘grill lines’) and leave for a further 1 minute.

4. Carefully turn over your pork chops and give a further 1 minute before again turning 90 degrees for 1 further minute.

Cooking time for a thin (half an inch) pork chop is around 5 minutes

Grilling Thick Pork Chops Bone in

1. Set the grill to the highest setting and allow to heat up.

2. Carefully place the pork chops onto the grill rack and give them 1 minute at this high heat.

3. After the first minute turn over the chops and give another 1 minute.

4. Rotate the chops (90 degrees as before) and turn down the grill to a medium setting and cook for 3 minutes.

5. Turn over the chops whilst also rotating them and cook for a further 4 minutes.

Cooking time for a thicker (over an inch) pork chop will be around 9 minutes in total.

The final, and in my mind the most significant part of successfully grilling great pork chops, is to allow the chops to ‘rest’ after cooking. The meat has been through quite an ordeal and needs time to recover and reabsorb it’s juices. Simply take from the grill and place onto a plate and loosely cover with tin foil. Leave for 4-5 minutes by which time the juices will have redistributed themselves back into the meat leaving you with soft, succulent and great tasting pork chops!

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