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How to Broil Hamburgers with Added Secret Sauce!

How to Broil Hamburgers - Hamburger with Cheese and Onion on a Plate

Broiling involves a very high heat which quickly cooks meat but in many cases, can be easily burned – we don’t want that! So, in this recipe, we show you how to broil hamburgers which result in perfect results every time!

Most ovens have some form of broiler whether the heating element is at the top of the oven or below it they all do the same job and that is high heat – in most cases you simply have an on/off switch rather than any temperature control which is why broiling meats that are thick (1″ plus) such as hamburgers needs some care and attention to ensure the meat is properly cooked through.

How to Broil Hamburgers (+ secret sauce spoiler!)

First, shape your hamburger patty to the desired thickness, around 1″ is ideal for broiling. Many people tend to imprint a small depression in the centre of the burger which is to stop the middle from rising up as it cooks helping to keep the thickness uniform – I don’t see the need to do this if you cook it correctly but do so if you wish.

Place the hamburger patties onto a foiled lined broiler pan and allow about 3-4″ gap from the heat source and leave to cook for 3 minutes (3 minutes each side will result in a ‘cooked’ burger, if you like it medium then reduce by 1 minute each side) by which time the tops will be nicely browned. Turn over the burger and repeat for the remaining 3 minutes or so.

Secret Sauce

This culinary trick will transform your hamburger into something quite special
This culinary trick will transform your hamburger into something quite special and it involves virtually no work on your part. Once the 6-7 minutes of cooking time is over remove the hamburgers to a warmed plate or dish and losely cover with foil. Place the plate in a warm location for 4-5 minutes to ‘rest’. Do not be tempted to eat the burgers before this time has elapsed, they will not ‘go cold’ and will remain at eating temperature for a lot longer than the 5 minutes I am asking you to wait!

But ‘why’ I hear you cry?! well, simply put, this quiet resting time for your hamburger will give the meat the time needed to re-absorb all the cooking juices back into the burger – Have you ever noticed that when you bite into a freshly cooked hamburger it produces lots of meat juices streaming down your fingers and arm??? that is simply because the meat has not had time to re-absorb those juices and all the wonderful flavour is lost – trust me on this its the best 5 minutes waiting time you have ever spent!

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