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The Best Recipe for Lambs Chops Ever!

Best Recipe for Lamb Chops - Lamp Chops with Jus Vedgetables

Succulent Lamb chops, cooked to perfection, slightly pink in the middle yet crispy on the outside but just what is the best recipe for lamb chops to give you these results every time? Well, as with all things culinary the complicated versions don’t always return the best results and this is especially so when it comes to cooking meat.

We will only compliment the already delicious texture and aroma with a simple few everyday ingredients
In this guide to cooking lamb chops we will keep it simple to leverage the beautiful flavours that already exist in the meat. We will only compliment the already delicious texture and aroma with a simple few everyday ingredients that will result in the best ever lamb chops you have ever tasted and better still, repeatable delicious results everytime!

OK, lets get to this shall we.

First, when choosing your lamb chops be on the look out for the ‘cutlet’ style. These are from the lamb crown and have a long curved bone. The alterntaive are the lamb chops from the loin area which contain less fat and more lean muscle however for the purposes of cooking quickly, retaining the juices within the meat cutlets are the better option (since they have a higher fat content they will internally baste the meat as it cooks resulting in a much more succulent result!).


  • Half fresh lemon
  • Sea salt
  • Fresh ginger
  • Extra virgin olive oil

How to prepare your Lamb Chops

Remove the cutlets from the packaging and place on a prepared work surface (clean wooden board). Spinkle over some fresh sea salt flakes turning each cutlet over and doing the same seasoning well.

Next, dribble over some good quality extra virgin olive oil and rub this into the lamb cutlets ensuring they are covered. Take half a fresh lemon and librely squeeze a few drops of lemon juice across all the cutlets (this will further tendorize the meat and draw out even more flavour). Finally, grate a small amount of fresh ginger over the chops and leave them to rest and reach room temperature for 10 minutes.

Cooking Lamb Chops Perfectly

One of the best methods for cooking lamb chops is on a griddle. Most kitchens have these and the heavy cast iron versions are the best. If you don’t have a griddle then a heavy frying pan is fine.

Heat up the griddle and coat with a small amount of oliver oil until it is smoking hot and gently lay the cutlets away from you to ensure any spitting fat is hitting the cutlet and not your fingers/hands. Depending on the thickness of the lamb cutlet (an inch thickness is typical) you will want to leave them on the griddle for no more than 3 minutes each side. Don’t be tempted to move them around on the griddle before the 3 minutes is up, its not nessasary and if left, you will have a lovely lined pattern on them.

IMPORTANT: After 3 minutes each side, remove them to a warmed plate and loosely cover with foil and leave to rest for up to 5 minutes in a warm place whilst you plate up some fresh brocolli, green beans and new potatoes with a hint of chives – enjoy!

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