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Top 3 Indian Takeaway Dishes

top 3 indian takeaway dishes

The UK loves curry and this trend is catching over to Ireland very quickly too. Indian food is on the top of the list for takeaways and exotic meals and it is easy to see why. The blend of spices make curries really interesting meals, and now that you can order takeaways online, the whole industry has changed.

It was not long ago when you had to visit a takeaway in order to get a menu, and then you have to call them to place the order. This was a lot of hassle, and you never really got any proper choice in different places to eat. The routine became monotonous as it can be hard to find the new restaurant or takeaway you want to sample. You can now order online on websites like Just-Eat when you really crave that takeaway Dublin has to offer.


Here are some of the top dishes that you simply have to try on your next takeaway if you want the authentic experience in the comfort of your own home.

Chicken Tikka Masala – This aromatic and creamy dish is the top ordered Indian takeaway dish in the UK and Ireland. It is made from blending spices with cream and almonds. The sauce is slow cooked and then the meat is added. The taste is sweet and savoury at the same time and the sauce covers rice and nan perfectly. The heat level is mild making it extremely pleasant on any palette and this is why it is such a hit.

Lamb Bhuna – If you prefer something a little spicier and rich then a lamb bhuna is for you. The sauce is tomato and onion based, like many traditional Indian dishes and the heat level is medium. This can be changed to your taste though, as madras hot is popular option for really curry enthusiasts. The lamb meat works perfectly too as the meat absorbs the flavour really well.

Sag Aloo – This is the perfect vegetarian dish as is made from a mix of potato and spinach. This is a tried and tested combination and works extremely well with the spices, nutmeg and garlic that are added into the dish. The dish is not very spicy and is perfectly suitable for a side to all the meat. You can have it as a main course though if you wish.

I recommend ordering these three dishes for takeaway if you want to get some spice into your life and sample the best dishes that the country has to offer. They will be delivered to your door ready to eat with no hassle in terms of preparation or cooking. Enjoy!

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