About Meat Cooking Expert

The Meat Cooking Expert is bought to you by a master Butcher with over 15 years meat retailing experience. I have trained for 5 years under a local apprenticeship and attended the Smithfield Colledge, London studying meat retailing which resulted in being accredited with the converted ‘Master Butcher’ status. Serving customers in several high profile businesses has provided me with a significant and diverse knowledge around cooking meats of all varieties. Over the coming months I will be featuring many recipes for all categories of meat from how to cook steaks including Ribeye, Fillet, Rump, Sirloin (New York Strip Steak) and the way to cook the perfect roast beef. Focusing on methods to help you cooking meat not only beef cuts but also Pork, Chicken and Hamburgers and also providing some in valuable advice around cooking times and temperatures – enjoy the site and please advise me of any recipes you would like to see!

My Top Recipes For Dinner

We all live busy lifestyles. Deciding on decent recipes for dinner just before leaving home in the morning in a rush can be difficult. What are the kids going to want? Will my husband be bored with yet another weekly round of the same meals? Perhaps you want ideas for healthy meals or quick meals […]
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London: The Best Boroughs for Getting Food

London has one of the highest densities of restaurants per square mile anywhere in the world. The city is brimming with cafes, casual restaurants, fine dining establishments and street food stands. Walking through the streets of London is an experience in itself, with flavours of food wafting from kitchens on every street. London is also […]
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Top 3 Indian Takeaway Dishes

The UK loves curry and this trend is catching over to Ireland very quickly too. Indian food is on the top of the list for takeaways and exotic meals and it is easy to see why. The blend of spices make curries really interesting meals, and now that you can order takeaways online, the whole […]
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